Sunday, 5 August 2012

015 My friends in Vilnius in May 2011

To my big surprise also Vilnius, Lithuania, had many many cats on streets. But not as much as in Latvia.

My Couchsurfing host in Vilnius had a cat! A host (or a guest) with a cat: the best combination! We became friends immediately. It takes longer with people but it can be almost immediate with cats. And my host's flatmate, a young woman, didn't get along with this cat very well. Probably they were too different. She was even afraid of him at times. But when I met this cat, I understood quickly what to do and what not to do with him. It was a funny quick course for me.

Can you distinguish?

There is a story behind this picture. It was my last full day in Vilnius and as usually, I went out to walk around all day long and take pictures of commieblocks (see But in that day I could walk around about an hour or two when my back pain got stronger so that I just couldn't walk anymore. I walked very slowly anyway but that didn't help. I had to go back to my hosts flat. Since he was leaving for work, I had to be there without my host and spend my own time. So I spent next four hours by sitting in an armchair, cat sleeping on my lap. During that time I was praying over two hours, then continued my math research (visible on the right). The cat had many deep sleep phases: he was "vibrating" in different areas of his body like face, paws. I enjoyed all this so much that I will never forget it.

Still on my lap and sleeping.

But all good things end at last and I had to eat something and I stood up. My sleepy friend woke up as well.

And at the end, a surrealistic video with my dear friend in bathroom. The light was out of order which gave a brilliant chance to make a video of a black cat in the dark.

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