Sunday, 19 July 2020

027 Cats 2018-2019

I think this is the same cat I met 3 years earlier in the Kuressaare park near the castle.

I found this from a big cat calendar from among other cuties. This one was the cutest of all and I even gave it a name: Tsärunäupsukene. It is definitely the cuteness overload that's happening here.

And this one is probably the most evil cat I have taken a photo of.

A drawing by E. Wiiralt from 1935:

Saturday, 18 July 2020

026 Cats 2016-2017

I found a dear friend in Kuressaare park near the castle. I noticed somebody took a photo of me while sitting on the bench.

This one was in Astangu forest. Possibly a lost cat or something.

In the cat cafeteria Nurri.

A very lovely experience with this cute friend of mine!