Thursday, 12 April 2012

003 July 2004, part II

I continue with one of my favourite activities outside my house, I called it "Fishing". Namely, I bought some cheap fish from the market and fed cats. It was disgusting at first because I don't like that smell, it was awful! But few times a year I did it, and cats seemed happy!

I had to use another plastic bag as a glove to take the fish into my hand.

Now Timbu arrived! See her face!

Even better face!

Cute little sweetheart! I think this was a lasergame.

Amazing amount of cuteness... Some people like "special" cats, expensive, breeds. But I like most usual grey-brown striped cats, they are the cutest ever!

That is in Veriora, Põlva county, in front of our house. The cat saw a dog and felt some danger.

Now back to Tartu.

The Timbu's family again.

"What do you want?"

"We are all sleepy, can't you see?"

A corrupted picture. If only somebody could explain me why this happens with jpg-s after they have been in a hard drive for years and not corrupted... This corruption here is a fortunate one, others are as good as gone.

That was view from my window. This car was carefully painted, it took months by the owner. I hope cats didn't scratch the car!