Wednesday, 28 March 2012

002 July 2004, part I

Let's continue with the cuties on the Kuperjanovi street.

And now back to Jõe 1, Tartu. My new friends were there!

 My dear cutie! She was pretty quiet and shy.

They seemed hungry, so I called them in, one by one. It wasn't any cat food, but was edible. That's his first visit into my room.

Very suspicious!

Strange new place!

But it was allright when some food was available.

And some more for all of them in the corridor.

What a face, Timbu!?

And a time for play in the back corridor! A piece of wire can make so much fun! For all three of us :)

Oh how little and cute you are!

Monday, 26 March 2012

001 June 2004

A little family on Kuperjanovi street in Tartu.

Behind my house, some random cats.

My dear friend whom I started calling Timbu. I think her real name is Sessi, I heard it accidentally much later. She was a star! The bravest and most active! When there was a piece of food available or seemingly available, she had to get it from me, no matter what's the distance between us! But she wasn't annoying nor dangerous in any way in that (except possible fleas that I can't remember anymore). She somehow belonged to another inhabitant in that house, I am not sure, but she fed them too. At least I felt so that she was her cat, but she was still half-stray. This picture is made right behind my door in the corridor, on the second floor.

Isn't she cute?

You see her face!! It's like "I have to get this little piece of ham, no matter what!" Once she climed up to the second floor window where I was...

That is something that I called "a meeting".

There he is! The cutest I've ever seen there! I think I met these two, children of Timbu, one of the first times. Hence a bit frightened look.

A fellow sibling? I don't know if it is possible for a cat to have two entirely different babies, but these two were all the time with Timbu.