Thursday, 12 June 2014

020 Many new friends over the past few years

Here we go again, I have seen many dear friends, closely or remotely, and here they are.

Next two friends live in Southern Estonia.

This one lives in Niška Banja, Serbia.

This dear friend in Rīga was sick and didn't care about surrounding.

Let me see your feather colour more closely...

You look pretty similar to me, interesting, isn't it?!

That puffy belongs to a friend of mine. Her name is Paula and she lives in Tallinn.

What are u watching at?

I have better things to do, like flying, wanna see?

I gonna eat some apples.

No enought for you.

What was that sound?

I still can't find my tail after last night...

This Danish cat was more open and I petted it for quite some time.

Curiosity killed the... dog (-- Yes, I know and agree).

My lunch is waiting.

Don't even think about it, they're all mine.


Well, if you really ask me so kindly... no problem.

Have a sigarette?

No? Well, goodbye then.
This suspicious black beauty in Denmark was so suspicious that... only in the evening it let me pet, finally. Before that it just fled from me.

Hey you!

I've seen you somewhere! You look like one of those catcatchers. Have you found my lost uncle already? Don't bother catching me, I'm OK here and I have a pet too (even though she's bigger than me).

What's that smell?

Did you smelt that?

It's still here! -- It wasn't me for goodness sake!

Yet another dull and hungry day here in countryside... Besides in Estonia. The only sunny day in the whole summer.

If you don't believe me, ask somebody else.

These two supercute friends were very suspicios and fled few moments after taking this shot. In Southern Estonia.

Quiet Serbian cuties.

And some few other dear creatures.
Curiosity killed the... cat (-- Yes, I've heard it somewhere).

Would you like to buy this stone? I found it in the beach, it was right next to another one, but I left that there. Exchange for just one fish? No?

Don't bother me, I'm licking paint, that's my hobby, and I like watching clouds.