Saturday, 4 August 2012

010 My friends in 2009

Long time no photos, time to add some more.

I start with pics of my dear friends on streets in Rīga in May 2009. It looks like Rīga is especially cat-filled city, people take care of cats, they even build bunkers for them so they can live there.

One of such bunkers, just some old furniture chipboards right next to a wall and that's already a place for living.

Such a cutie.

She is looking at somebody. Those somebody were two drunken men who started asking me money. I don't know why they think that foreigners are for asking money, what is that mentality? I had to leave so that was the last pic of this cutie.

A rare moment that I got: pandiculation.

Another beauty!

Suspicious though.

More shelters.

Oh I felt so sorry about this poor creature, maybe I even cried. Doomed...

"Who are you?"

Another one doomed.

"Got anything? I'm hungry!"

Now back to Estonia. This little series was taken in Mustamäe, Tallinn, when I went to shop in the morning. It looked like there was a hungry creature behind the door and asking for some food from somebody she knew very well.

Actually next three pics are not made by me but an old friend of mine. The pics were just extraordinary cute so I thought I'd share them here as well.

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