Wednesday, 27 May 2020

023 Birds 2004-2018

I also enjoy birds when walking around. They are cute and lovely. So I have taken both photos and videos. This is a quite random selection of what I have just seen here and there in many years.

In Tartu. I didn't know what bird is it and only years later realised it is a young seagull.

Another bunch of crows from 2009:

Blackbirds are my favourites because of their beautiful songs.

A talking bird in Pärnu, 2008. I remember it very well.

Find the bird!

A bird from Rīga, 2010:

A grooming white wagtail in Kääriku, 2018:

Another stork in Kääriku, Estonia, 2010:

Klooga lake.

Cute ducks in Tartu in July:

This was on one of the Männiku lakes in Tallinn.

A family in Viimsi park.

Other kinds of ducks from Denmark, 2013, very cute:

That was funny. The crow seems to be thinking: when is this rain going to end at last?

In Kuressaare castle area.

Now more videos from 2018.
A blackbird singing:

And again in Pääsküla bog without the bird visible:

Other morning sounds 7:39 in the morning in Tartu in July:

Bird sounds in 30.12.2018 in Illi forest. Shots of sporting guns heard as well.

A grooming woodpecker in Pirita:

A closeup of another one in South Estonia:

Another woodpecker knocking on a street lamp in Tallinn!

Thrush nightingale song in early morning:

And a question too: what bird is this? Recorded in Kääriku: