Saturday, 1 September 2012

019 Good times in Sillamäe

I had a very nice time in Sillamäe right before going home after summerdays this year. The architecture was absolutely fantastic and in addition to that I found a new dear friend walking on the street! He was immediately my friend.

After having played with him for a while an after I let him sucking my earlobe for few  minutes, I had a phone call and sat down for a while, right on the curbstone, to finish my phone call.

But I continued taking pictures with one hand.

While still talking, I took a video as well.

Here he sucked my earlobe again!

Now seeing this reminded me that this is one of the cutest moments that I encounter from time to time: a cat washing himself, especially face with the help of paws! I could catch that in a video, mainly for my own memories but why not to put it also here.

Another random cat walking somewhere over there. I wasn't quick enough and missed a very good shot but I caught him at least like that.

018 Two friends in Narva-Jõesuu

During my stay there in our company's summerdays in 2012. I also saw two little friends!

This one was a suspicious and a little bit frightened. The place was located right at the edge of Narva river where there was a small summer pub or cafeteria where we had a quick lunch. Russia was right over the river, nice and green.


It was evident that he wanted to have some of that meat/sausages/etc that we ate. So I gave him two little pieces.

This one was just a random cat hiding under the car.

But very cute!