Monday, 11 January 2021

028 Birds and other animals 2019-2020

My favourite bird in spring and early summer: the blackbird!

And some videos of this nice singing.

Some other sounds of blackbirds:

Blackbird singing in December 2019!

And in February 2020:

Yet another blackbird sound:

Now other birds.
I spent few hours in Kuressaare in August 2019 among birds, what an experience that was :)

I suspect these doves eat the clay that is used for making this building.

They walked suspiciously away from me.

And these were funny and suspicious too :)

Lots of starlings. But when I approached they were quickly gone, all of them.

Next are the crows and relatives. This one is from Pühajärve.

Something strange was going on. Maybe mating proposal?

Here I wanted to catch these birds picking trash because I saw them doing it. But as soon as I started standing nearby, everybody stopped and sensed danger and eventually they started leaving one by one. Caught in the act!

And here are the other birds.

This was interesting. I was walking in the forest right next to the Nelijärve lake Purgatsi on the path when I saw a bird on the path. I crawled down, the bird didn't move. I thought the bird is sick or damaged. I took my camera, took a photo, but then the bird kind of woke up and just flew away.

Next some bird sounds.

And finally other animals.

This was a good shot (not good colours though, I was in a hurry to start recording)!

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