Monday, 26 March 2012

000 Introduction

So, here it is, finally. My long awaited blog for the cutest beings on earth: cats! Long awaited? Well, at least for me :) Perhaps for some others too, I don't know yet. I've been thinking about doing it more than a year and some older pictures have already been online in 2004.

But yes, cats, especially little, are so terribly cute and lovely, I love them so much. I only have one stone cat and one plastic 2D cat, that's all. But when I walk around or go to a trip, I naturally take photos of cats whenever possible.

I started taking photos of cats in 2004 when I lived in Tartu (on Jõe 1) in an old wooden house and had many of them "available" in the hall and outside. Mostly stray cats though. I played with them, sometimes fed them, you will see all that in the posts.

What means 'pisitimbulimbu'? That's one of my inventions. But to be precise, half of it is mine. Namely, in 1960's a children book was published in Estonia, having a title "Timbu-Limbu õukond ja lumemöldrid" and written by Kalju Kangur. It's a fairytale that I probably have never read through, but the name was odd enough to recall it even decades later. And somehow, subconsciously, when I saw cats and baby cats, I naturally started calling them as timbulimbu's. I still do that. Probably I am the only one who calls cats like that. On the other hand, they really deserve more interesting and cute names than just plain cats ('kassid' in plural in Estonian). You'll find cute calling names for your beloved ones, won't you? The prefix 'pisi' only means 'little' in Estonian in a prefix form. Baby cats are the cutest of all, hence the name for this blog.

Now, who are 'limpsukesed'? That's another invention of mine with no known origin (it comes from the word 'limpsima' which means 'licking') for a certain cat that I saw and photographed last year at my colleagues home. You will see that cat later. But the name is cute of course.

And 'ja teised' means 'and others'. So I have some pictures of other animals too, like dogs and birds. Some of them are also cute and funny.

Now how could I ever translate all this into English? No way. So that's how it is, in Estonian, and makes more sense to an Estonian, but I hope you understand the meaning by watching these pictures :)

(Hmm, why do I listen to Autechre when writing all this? It's extreme opposite to anything cute :) )

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  1. Love this, Riivo! Generally I'm not so much a fan of cat pix, but yours have something special.

    Are you familiar with ?