Monday, 11 January 2021

029 Cats and dogs 2020

 First my best experience from 2020: a play with 2 cats!

This one is watching a seagull outside.

What a hunter face is that!

Then two other experiences in another place together with a dog.

I call this one Sääsukene.

And I call this one Ruhvukene.

What a fun!

My dear hunter.

Here are the others.

And a video of what really happened there. The whole thing was resolved (this time) because of a possible mouse moving nearby. I really like how the dominant cat discovered me.

The next three photos are taken of Pesaleidja kassituba in Mustamäe. Waiting for their new family...

My dear friend, why are you so sad? What are you going through in your house?

And also a video of my dear friend at work. What a fun every time!